Elizabeth Taylor, a True Hollywood Star

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“I’ve been through it all, baby. I’m Mother Courage.” Elizabeth Taylor has been through the worst of it with her numerous marriages and illnesses, but she toughed it out and kept pushing forward. Her “I can conquer the world” attitude got her through all of the obstacles she faced. Elizabeth stayed in the spotlight from the time she was nine years old until the day she died. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was a true, old-fashioned Hollywood celebrity that overcame many hardships in her life.
Elizabeth Taylor, or Liz for short, was born February 27th, 1932 in Hampstead, London, England, UK to American parents, Sara Warmbrodt and Francis Taylor. In 1939, Elizabeth and her mother, Sara, left Hampstead and went to Los Angeles. Her father later joined them. Sara Warmbrodt, also known as Sara Sothern, was an actress on stage. So naturally, Liz was groomed to be an actress as well (Boman). A family friend suggested that Liz be taken for a screen test because of her striking beauty. She caught the eye of executives at Universal Pictures, and they signed her in 1941, but she was dropped after the first film. A year later, Elizabeth again captured the attention of another studio, and she was signed by MGM for a full year. By the age of twelve, Liz had become a leading child star (Jackson). When Liz was fourteen, she published a book titled Nibbles and Me. It was about her adventurous experiences with her pet chipmunk, Nibbles, whom she said she found on the set of one of her films. In 1947, Elizabeth appeared solo on the cover of Life magazine. On January 6th, 1950, Liz received her high school diploma from University High School in Los Angeles after she had attended school on the MGM lot. By the time Elizabeth was eighteen, she had a lot of a...

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...ith a lot of marriages, she was also a role model to many people.

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