Elements Of Risk Management Program

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Elements of Risk Management Program The safety and security concerns of healthcare facilities are complex and dependent on the accountability of both the leadership as well as all employees of the organization. Healthcare organizations must continually assess for risks, allocate resources, define policies and procedures and monitor the effectiveness of these processes to ensure a safe and secure environment (Kaveler & Alexander, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to explore the elements of a risk management program within a healthcare facility by outlining the six techniques for managing safety and security risks and demonstrating how this type of assessment would apply to a managed care organization in the area of workplace violence and information technology. In addition, explanation will be provided on how the compliance program at the author’s place of employment ensures the initial and ongoing training of employees, establishment of policies and procedures and provides evaluation of these risks. Techniques for Managing Safety and Security Risk To understand the best method for assessing safety and security risks it is important to understand the differences between the two. Kavaler & Alexander (2014) explain safety as principles that are applicable across an entire organization whereas security is site specific. Regulatory and accreditation organizations such as the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services, a state’s Department of Health and The Joint Commission, require healthcare organizations to maintain levels of safety and security that are deemed to be compliant with standards set forth by their jurisdiction. There are six techniques for assessing the risk of compliance with safety and security regulations in... ... middle of paper ... ...on of the organization in the event of a systems outage. Every department is required to participate in the testing with senior leadership giving acceptance approval of the process. Conclusion Every health care organization is subject to risks that impact the safety and security of patients or the organization. Techniques to assess the threat to the organization and allow for the development and prioritization of strategies to mitigate any risks. Managed care organizations such as the one the writer works for, have areas of concern for the safety of those associates who engage with patients in the community as well as the protection and security needs of information technology. Appropriate assessment of these risks allow for the development of policies and procedures, associate training, evaluation and adjustments in corrective actions that may be needed.

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