Elegy For Jane, My Student Thhrown By A Horse Poem Analysis

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April 24, 2014. That day, I wore my black suit. I was in a large crowded room. People throughout the room smiled with tears and teared up when telling stories. Suddenly, the room became silent as the doors shut; the funeral service for my friend’s dad was about to begin. I regretfully remember that throughout the service I fought to contain my tears. For some unknown reason, I felt that it was unacceptable for me to cry for someone else’s dad. I thought that society would not acknowledge my grief since I was not part of his family. Similarly, the speaker in Elegy for Jane, My Student, Thrown by a Horse, by Theodore Roethke, ponders the same thing. This elegy exposes the grief that the speaker feels for his beloved student. Within these lines,…show more content…
The speaker begins by recalling Jane’s life in the world of the living with bittersweet images. First, the speaker zooms in on the vulnerability of Jane’s neck. The reader runs into the word “neckcurls” and immediately relates it back to Jane’s horse accident. The lack of vitality in the words “limp” and “damp” back up this idea. However, the poet describes the neckcurls as tendrils, like a living plant. Thus, it becomes clear to the reader that the speaker is recalling Jane’s soft hair near her neck. The poet relates images of Jane to images of nature to show how Jane is constantly on the speaker’s mind and how Jane is part of the speaker’s life. For instance, in line two, the speaker recalls Jane’s smile as a sidelong pickerel smile. The poet produces a rhythm to elongate these four words, painting the image of Jane’s awkward smile. Hence, parts of the natural world seem to remind the speaker of Jane. On the other hand, the poet creates energy in the poem when describing Jane’s “quick look.” The energy in Jane’s “quick look” reminds the speaker of the active and alive Jane. The speaker’s voice follows with grief since Jane now only remains as a memory in the speaker’s head. The poet creates emotion in the speaker’s voice by including several breaks in the subsequent lines. Additionally, the poet endeavors to bring characteristics of Jane back to life in this poem by intensifying…show more content…
The speaker reflects fondly on Jane’s impact, wishing for his beloved student to

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