Electrical Engineering: Changing Society One Product At a Time

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What would the world look like without electrical engineering? Electrical engineering encompasses so many fields of interest that people’s everyday lives are affected by the creations that it has made. The world of technology can all stem from the fields of electrical engineering that can be studied. The music heard coming from the speakers, the monitors that show an abundance of information, and even the lights that are lighting a room are all products of electrical engineers. Electrical engineering has many important fields but the ones that are most influential on in society include computer engineering, communications, software and electronic systems. Within each of these fields are different characteristics that make each of them unique fields that help the others expand. For example, consider electronic systems and computer engineering. An electronic system has an aspect of computer engineering in it, where electronic systems engineers develop circuits and hardware for computers. The better that they make these devices the better the computer will function. With these better devices the computer engineers can use that to create better programs. The programs that are created from this can be used to create a better function for another field of engineering or just one’s daily life and because of this electronic engineering continues to improve and enter new fields of development. The changes in electrical engineering products in the fields of computer, telecommunications, and systems engineering affect the way people live in modern day society.

The change made in computer engineering products has affected the way many people live in modern society. In today’s society, a computer engineer’s job description is to solve progra...

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...n advanced by systems engineers so that modern society has more conveniences it has also boosted the safety ratings on many vehicles through their work. The world’s products have much more to them than it may seem, and something as simple as turning on a light can change how society lives.

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