Effects of Legalizing Drugs in America

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The use of drugs affects almost every part of society. This includes our schools, our neighborhoods, the places we let our children play, and even who influences our children. Drug use, whether legal or illegal, can be a strain on the economy. Once an addiction phase has been reached healthcare and criminal justice systems are also impacted. This not only causes possible endangerment to the futures of young people but to the country itself. There are many politicians that argue legalizing drugs is one realistic way to overcome the ongoing drug war in America. While this topic does have debatable opinions from both sides of the issue, one has to agree that the processes involved in drug enforcement do cause a strain on the economy. Some researchers believe that the outcome of legalizing drugs would make the problem we have now much larger and eventually completely out of control. I have researched the most common drugs and their most common side effects. This will show the potential dangers to our community if we make these readily available to people.
Opioids are often used as a pain medication and to assist people in getting off other addictive drugs. The abuse of prescription drugs is America’s most rapidly spreading drug problem. This epidemic has recently been classified as critical by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to Jayawant and Rajesh OxyContin is one of them most common form of opioids. This is a synthetic opioid that has become very public. Although this drug does provide substantial pain relief, it has created extensive media attention because of the amount of people who abuse this drug and eventually become addicted to it (Jayawant and Rajesh). According to this same article there are asto...

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...ystem article posted in 2009 there were overall 3,952 drivers fatally injured that tested positive for drugs (Office of National Drug Control Policy). With numbers like these involving drugs that are already legal, how can we expect to prevent misuse for drugs that are not legal. If anything, we should be stricter with the regulations surrounding legal drugs.

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