Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

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Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

Divorce has a strong negative effect on children. The children are brought into the family and then ripped out of what they know is right or of their norms. James M. Henslin defines the family as being two or more people who consider themselves related by blood, marriage, or adoption (445). When married you are instantaneously put into a family.

When two people decide to get a divorce, their children do not wholly understand what is going on. "Regardless of their age, children usually blame themselves when their parents divorce" (Bankston 382). They don't understand their parents anger at each other, so they believe this is happening because of something they have done. This is why parents need to open up and see that it is not just about themselves, but it is also about the welfare of their children.

Children of any age have difficulty expressing hurt feelings and sadness to parents who are themselves angry and grieving. Responsible parents will develop a parenting plan that coordinates visitation, maintains financial obligations, and takes time to deal with children's feelings in each state of the divorce process (Bankston 382).

These parents need to take the initiative and explain to the children what is happening. Also they need to meet the needs of the children, before themselves, to prevent further psychological damage to the kids.

When divorced, the children go through many emotional changes. "Children of divorce are more depressed and aggressive toward parents and teachers than are youngsters from intact families. They are much more likely to develop mental and emotional disorders later on in life" (Leo 2000). Children and teenagers have a hard tim...

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