Effects Of Neglect On The Victim 's Brain And Cognitive Development

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Affects of Neglect In Danya Glaser’s (2000) research she conveys how child abuse and neglect can affect the victim’s brain and cognitive development. The journal articulates on the evidence concerning victims of maltreatment and the connotation that they are unable to create emotional and social bonds with the people around them and are lacking in cognitive development. Glaser mentions a study that was done by Kaler & Freeman (1994) at a Romanian orphanage. These children were clearly neglected and they exhibited tremendously poor cognitive and social functioning. Your brain is in its utmost development the first year of your life, it develops more in that one year than you will ever develop in just a year for the rest of your life, so imagine if you are deduced to emotional and physical deterioration at that age, the intense stress you are experiencing interferes with your progression. There is also the issue of attachment; this is an important aspect of a child’s development and life. In order for you to build trust as a child, you need to have an adult figure to attach to and trust that they will satisfy your needs when you are screaming for them, when you are hungry, thirsty, need to be changed or simply to satisfy your need for affection and love. There is a method some parents believe in, the “cry it out method.” This is when a child is crying and having a tantrum and you don’t attend to them because you think they are doing it for attention and being needy. This is a dangerous method as it can kill brain cells due to the release of cortisol when stressed (Milner, D, 2012). In addition to the loss of brain cells this can affect a child’s trust in their caretaker because the child expects for you to cater to their every nee... ... middle of paper ... ...skills, and turn you into a 4 year old with the mentality and compassion of a serial killer but that does not insinuate that you are a lost cause. There are treatments and therapies that will train and teach you how to trust and love again. That’s the beauty of psychology, you’re able to study someone’s mind and mentality and figure out how to fix the broken wires in there and it’s not even in a manipulative way as you would assume. You’re helping people become loving members of society. I was wondering how abuse can really affect your mental instead of the typical physical damage, and I found out it does do a lot to the brain and development but that there is also a coming back from it. I think my paper could’ve been a little better if I could find places that offer attachment therapy and seen exactly what they do to reverse the damage done to you as a young child.

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