Effects Of Media Violence On Children

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Media violence has a strong influence on children and teenagers here in America. There are tons of media violence such as video games, televisions, music videos, and the internet. Research showed the evidence that the exposure to violent films, video games, and music is increasing the violence and aggression from teenagers and children. Children are more likely to imitate the violence from the television. The process of imitating is a social learning theory. Parents need to be aware of how media violence influences children to do violent acts. There are three major theoretical perspectives: the structural-functionalist perspective, the conflict perspective and the symbolic interactionist perspective. Those perspectives will explain about the…show more content…
They must watch some episodes before or with their child to observe and see if the shows are good for their child. Parents might approve or disapprove of them. Parents should be in the control of television and it is important that parents are in the charge of what their child is watching or playing the video games. There are some useful tips for parents who watch the media with their child, like when characters in the media are mistreated or discriminated against, parents should use this advantage to explain why it is important to treat everyone fairly, even with their differences. Also, parents need to explain that actors are just acting in movies or television shows and that it is not real. Parents must explain how they feel about difficult topics like sex, love, drugs, alcohol, smoking, work, behavior, and family life. Parents can use strong messages from television to teach their child to think carefully on what they see in media. They also can reinforce their own family 's moral values. The local news or commercials only want to benefit their business or ratings. That’s why it is important for parents to protect their children…show more content…
Overall, media violence effects on children has many negative consequences such as attention problems, aggression, impulsiveness and the fear of the world. Media violence is considered as social problem. Parents should be more aware of dangerous effects on their children from media violence. Children are more likely to act out at the school with other children in violent act because of what they learned from media. Children believe that it is the right approach to get what they desire by being aggressive. Thus, Americans are constantly exposed to violence when they turn on television and movies that are filled with shooting or other violence. Dues to majority of exposure, we change our perspectives on violence itself. We need to understand that the exposure at such young age alter our values and norms. Children thinks violence is the normal thing. However, we need to prevent this from ongoing situations by taking control of the television in our households. When children or teenagers watch their favorite actors in TV shows or movies, actors use violence as solution. It changes symbolically. Still; children begin to accept it as a solution. Children need to realize that the consequences of violent acts do exist and they are real. Those possible solutions are to limit their hours
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