Effects Of Growing Up In Poverty

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A major issue that can affect students is growing up in poverty. Students are more likely to have a higher teenage pregnancy rate and poor health outcomes, low education goals and the environment shapes how the student develops into the person that they are. All of these factors can result in bad outcomes while some can learn from their past and take it elsewhere and make something out of themselves.
According to the article “ Why Are Low Income Teens likely to become pregnant” by Sarah Ipatiencio there are three prime reasons that cause this matter. Some reasons include lack of education, no funds for birth control and life situations. In early adulthood all teens should be taught safe sex in schools and at home. In an article “ How does
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In the article “ Effects of Growing Up in Poverty” by Dantae explains that the children with regularly check ups are more healthier than children with no check ups. Some health conditions are passed down like diabetes through genetics. Diabetes comes in three forms; type 1,type 2 and type 3. With any form insulin is required which is a prescribed medication from doctors. Also if the child has a poor diet, that can result in malnutrition. Some kids that develop this either are not eating right or not enough. Sometimes it 's not about how much the food cost is, it could be the rural area the poverty is taking place. “ The Borgen Project” by Nina Verfaillie points out that many people do not have enough land to grow or income to purchase more. Yet,some children can have malnutrition because the poor food choice, fast food over healthy food. Any kids or teens diet can also affect how they do in school. According to the foundation “ Alliance for a Healthier Generation” kids that eat more healthier foods causes them to be more active physically and mentally. Studies show that they are 20% more likely to earn an A in english and math and have more impressive standardized test…show more content…
Most kids that I know outside of college did not grow up in a the suburban areas. Their houses were low income and was not so much in the best condition. Every other kid looked at this as motivation others did not. The environment was filled up with gangs, drugs and violence. Sadly, some parents were associated with it. It is like everyone’s against each other in the same community. About once a week someone was shot and injured or killed. When teens grow up around that i’ve learned that becomes apart of them thats difficult to take away from them. School is one of the least proties because of the stress it brings along with the other home issues. Their parents are not at home telling them bring their books or anything, it 's almost like they choose what life they want to live. Some teens that I know didn 't finish high school just because as a juvenile they got caught up in gangs by older peers. Yes, the time was served and that 's something they couldn 't get back. Now, because they were juveniles it can be expunged through community service and what not. In today 's day the things that got them in jail will be still in effective when they are out. Meaning if they didn 't learn their lesson in jail and still have some type of gang interaction then they end up in prison and no longer a minor. This has a major impact on

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