Effects Of Poverty In America

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The main social issue that is affecting America harshly is Poverty! Poverty is crushing the social classes of an ample amount. Dividing the successful class from the impoverished class. Poverty also economically affects America in multiple ways too. It causes a storage in productivity, which slows down the income amount that America makes and circulates, crime has been raised a great amount due to poverty, having to fiend for ways to eat and feed siblings or offsprings so they wouldn 't starve to death, and the rise of governmental financial aid has affected the economy by impoverished citizens. Poverty is a horrible epidemic that shouldn 't be frowned upon, but stopped and abolished from America. Poverty in America is too…show more content…
Poverty causes separation in many, many ways worldly. Through states, schools and families. In conclusion, Poverty is drastically affecting the economy of America. It hits the children, the parents, and loving souls around and support them. Poverty affects the way the economy shifts environmentally, how the money spreads across from place to place and the way it rotates from bank to bank, slows down a lot each year. Poverty also affects crime. Impoverished adults usually savage for food goods and casual clothing to satisfy them for another period of their life. Impoverished kids, usually teens, go after money and jewelry, things that please them or that they can sell to get quick money to solve their hunger and or thirst. There are also many causes of poverty in America also. Issues like not being able to pay for rent or mortgage, being fired or laid off from work and struggling to find a new, decent paying job that can support you and your family also pay for the necessities that 's needed to keep you and your family healthy. Poverty is a huge social problem in America that should be stopped as soon as
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