Effectively Handling Issues in the Workplace

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Concerns and issues that arise in the work place must be handled professionally. As management your job is to alleviate any concerns, problems and issues that may compromise productivity within an orginazation. “The knowledgeable supervisor sees a gripe for what it really is—a chance to be of help to an employee when the help is most wanted, a golden opportunity to prove to a worker that his problem is managements problem” T. Pollock, Management Columnist (Apr. 2004). A successful manager must take into consideration all avenues of approach in making the right decisions within an orginazation. First, as management, any complaint by an employee should be taken seriously. Second, listen to the employee then assess any legitimate issues. These issues could have been brewing up for weeks, months or even years. Third, analyze the situation and the parties who are being affected. And finally execute a decision and stick with the decision you make. A case where an employee’s hygiene habits may become an issue amongst other employees. The way to handle this issue is to confront this employee. This employee may have inner lying issues of his own, regardless, your job as a management is to resolve the situation. Management should have a code of conduct that should be followed by all employees. In confronting this employee; he needs to have a full understanding of your code of conduct. If the problem continues further remedial action should be taken. Communicational skills are important to making key decisions for your management team. To address any issues as management, an anylys of information should be reviewed. In a article about ethical issues faced by managers, it states that “Managers act as a link between organizational success and the lives of the individuals whom they manage”—P.J. Dean (Ethical Issues Faced By managers). I Agree with this statement because it explains how the right or wrong decision can effect an organization. In retrospective, as a manager of a team with an issue regarding a lack of content, a lack of a organization skills, as well as writing skill and critical thinking, I would address the situation by researching the facts. Are these facts the truth? And if so how can I address my team to resolve the issue?

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