Ethical Issues In Leadership And Ethics In The Organization's Leadership

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There is no surprise when we hear about countless scandals of business leaders failing to be ethical in the organizations they serve. Some resign, are fired, imprisoned, or in worst case- scenarios commit suicide, all because their unethical ways are exposed for the world to see. When we really face ethical problems in business, it is fair to say the ethical flaws come from the lack of personal character. (Scott, R. and Wong, K., p.449) Ethics has to do with an business’s leadership, structures, culture as well an individual’s character. Organizations can either inspire or discourage their employees from following their ethical structures or programs. Nothing is worst than working in a business that stifles your growth, challenges…show more content…
The third item to include is on-going. The company must have on-going discussions with their employees, especially in regard to ne ethical issues that emerge. You must have an ethics statement to convey consistently to your organization. (Ruddell, L.p.105) Integrity shows honesty, and believers should honor God in all that we do. The bible tells us, “Whoever walks in integrity will be delivered, be he who is crooked in his ways will suddenly fall.” (Proverbs 28:18)
The last item to incorporate is leadership development. The leadership development process should always include the company’s ethics. Training should be on-going to ensure you are developing leaders that create more quality and production. Implementing ethics effectively requires telling each person what they can and cannot do, telling them the consequences for doing wrong, and making sure to enforce them. (Ruddell, L., p.106) We should develop leaders, and lead people like Jesus did. Jesus met people where they were in life, encouraged and taught them through God’s word and His actions. Love, honesty and humility was the core of Jesus actions, and if we can immulate Jesus in all that we do, others can witness us beeing ethical on and off
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