Edward Snowden and The Government Data Collection Program

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Lon Snowden, as well as others have compared Edward Snowden to “Paul Revere” and have called him a “Hero” while others vilify him (Gidda 3). Technically what he has done is a crime, yet many people rally to his defence. “There is every reason to believe the federal government has been collecting every bit of information about every American’s phone calls”(Hertzberg 2). Through Edward Snowden’s actions we have learned of the governments data collecting program: Prism. This has provoked the public to question the credibility of the government. It has also stirred politicians and citizens alike into a frenzy, debating over the legality, constitutionality, and necessity of these covert operations. Edward Snowdens revelations on the NSA data harvesting has re-ignited a previously dormant conflict between political parties about mass data collecting and has caused people the question their trust in the government.

In 2009, Snowden was quoted “Government officials who leak classified information...well that is the worst crime conceivable”(Harding quoting Snowden). This ideology seems to directly contradict Snowdens actions. In 2012 when he was working at a Japanese NSA security facility Snowden became a “disillusioned technician”(Harding) He realized how intent the NSA was to gather up every bit of electronic data it possibly could and that the systems put in place to keep the NSA in check had failed. Edward quickly became a whistleblower in wait. “I couldn't wait for someone else to act”(Harding quoting Snowden). In 2013 Edward Snowden, a now 30 year old technical assistant to the US Central Intelligence Agency met with Guardian news reporters and illegally leaked classified information from his government laptops. Shortly thereaf...

... middle of paper ... were released it could be incredibly detrimental. With nearly every person on the internets data filed away it can be difficult to manage such massive databases.
Society has been changed by Snowden. People, regardless of their political party have been affected by his leaks. Supporters of the NSA have called Edward a traitor and a criminal while those who disagree call him a hero and a whistleblower. Both sides taken up arms and have debated tirelessly about how much we actually need these incredibly invasive surveillance programs. People have also had their faith in the government severely damaged.This is an awful but necessary impact. This involves every citizen so everyone needs to be informed. Snowdens actions have riled politicians and stirred up many political debates and has made people think carefully about what to believe when it comes to the government.
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