Educational Inequality Among the Poor

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Among the poor access to educational programs are social inequality and racial discrimination. Children cannot help or decide if they come from a poor family or a different ethnic background. It should not matter if kids cannot afford an education like the upper class because if the less fortunate kids aim and strive for an education they ought to have a chance to earn one and have an equal education just like the rich children. Many aspects contribute to the “Access to high quality early childhood education and care is the first step in breaking the cycle of [this] disadvantage and will make a difference in children’s development and future learning”. Job losses, child poverty, racial discrimination, and homelessness are many examples of difficulty and inequality that the poor have to face. More research and studies are being done about educational inequality and the affect on people’s lives and futures. Peoples’ social status should not be determined by the amount of money they make, by their education, or their ethnicity.

Educational inequality is directed on how schools and colleges treat the lower income class based on how much money they have. The more money a student can pay, the better education they most likely will receive. Unfortunately, students who want an education and are actually striving to maintain a better life do not get the best education due to financial hardships. Some colleges can help pay for the lower income students to get in however, that just means they will owe more money later on in life. Children need to depend on a good education; therefore, they will obtain a brighter future because “Education is perhaps the most important function of state and local governments. Today it is a principal inst...

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...ome inequality compared to France and the U.K., but after adding the taxes, the United States had the second-highest level of inequality. Disparity around the world is growing in developing countries and many Americans agree with the quote that “today it’s really true that the rich just get richer while the poor get poorer” (Pew Research Surveys). The poor develop a mind set that they do not deserve any better than what they are accustomed to. For example, government assistance and not applying themselves in the real world. The rich on the other hand have greater expectations for themselves and their families. Their mindset is that of achievement and success.

In conclusion, educational inequality among the poor appears to have a greater impact on the future generations.

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