Education Is Taught Through Schooling And Is Broken Off Into Segments

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Education is primarily taught through schooling and is broken off into segments. Pupils learn a set curriculum of information each given year based on what the Michigan Board of Education deems as necessary to learn. As students progress through schooling, the curriculum gets tough and more advanced. The earlier years of schooling are known as Elementary school. Elementary my dear Watson is where learning begins. From there, students enter middle school which lasts until a student enters the ninth grade. In those years, students build upon their elementary skills. High school then starts at ninth grade and lasts until the twelfth grade. During high school, real life lessons and culturistic values are taught. Students are taught to form their own opinions and theories. Education teaches students to fight for what they believe is right. High school is the primary time in one 's school life where they truly learn; however, the last two years in one’s high school career are wasted. No longer are students constantly learning all day. Instead their schedule is barren and fruitless with no classes of utmost value, or they are placed in a torturous class that makes them memorize relentless information that they will never use in their life. To solve the issue of students having no classes they are placed in elective after elective to complete their fruitless schedule. Cramming students into elective after pitiful elective is not the real solution to this irksome issue. The last two years of high school are being wasted, and change must be implemented to solve this issue. Initially, how schooling is taught and delivered from Elementary through high school is standardized by the Michigan Board of Education. The board of education infor... ... middle of paper ... class after class and advance into the next one it is not as rewarding as it could be. The art of success is lost in high school as the classes begin to lose importance. Classes become an hour block needed for graduation. The classes do not prepare students for success beyond the school walls. Instead of soaring down a blazing trail of success with knowledge that will give them the power to transform tragedy into blessings, students are in a comatose state trudging down the hallways lost in thought contemplating when they will ever use the information they are being taught. Dear Michigan Board of Education, you have the power to change how schooling is delivered to students in this state. Bring down the hammer of justice upon this schooling system. You can provide better learning opportunities for these students. It only takes one strong voice to fix this: yours.

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