Education And Success Essay

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Introduction It is a very well-known fact that there is a fine line between education and success. Success is a word that is very loosely defined, but is normally associated with education in a very simplistic way. In most cases, people put success and education in the same sentence with the traditional association of attending a college or university, graduating with a degree and moving forward with a career choice. But what happens when education and success are associated in a different, much more complex way? What happens when there is a negative association between education and success? The issues of ethics and morality have been a mainstream issues within the field of education for years. Institutions are becoming more focused on profit…show more content…
But there is always one key component in the debates and discussions that is always the toot of the problem. The problem always comes down to finance. Finance is the key component because there are many surface level issues that stem from money and the way that is it earned and the way that it is handled. This issue beg the questions “is there a difference between education and business?” and if so “What is an acceptable business/financial structure?” for example, the structure of a private business or corporation is to have people invest in a company and become shareholders. At the end of a term, shareholders receive a dividend based on their stake and the profitability of the company. This is the normal business structure and the financial planning of this type of business is influenced by “profit driven” results. It is a private business model with the goal of maximizing revenue. Eerily similar is the structure for the for-profit institution. With a financial plan for maximizing revenues, one must ask the purpose of this structure from an educational institution. This brings us to the debate of education’s ethical standards. Is the business type structure of for-profit institutions morally ethical and if so, where is the divide? Ethics in Business and
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