Educating Rita

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Educating Rita 1. When we are first introduced to Rita she is a hairdresser. How would you define her in terms of her social class? Support your ideas with examples from the film and elsewhere e.g. the most recent classification system used to define social class. (P2) I would define her in terms of her social class as a snobby person. She fits in a working class D, the way she speaks (language) is different the type of clothes she wears is different, she wears mini skirts. The environment Rita lives in is run down and dirty there is no front garden and no green space. 2. In details discuss how physical, social and economic factors have combined to affect Rita’s personal development and self-concept and that of others? (M1) Physically Rita has been smoking and she has been on the pill and other wise she is in good health. Rita works long hours and she is in a lot of stress. Rita marriage is going nowhere; she is deceiving her husband by not telling him that she is on the pill. Socially Rita is not very out going but she is a hairdresser she does meet different people. Rita feels left out at the university because she feels that she does not fit in and the other students won’t accept her. 3. Using the information you have gathered about Rita consider the ways in which her life has changed since she began her degree course. Evaluate the effects of social and economic factors on Rita’s growth and development and that of others. Support your ideas with examples from the film and from other sources? (D1) The way Rita’s life has changed is that she is more confident and she knows what she wants. Rita appreciates the environment out side her experience and starts to go to ... ... middle of paper ... ... her normal colour and looked very smartly dressed. Her tutor was shocked to see her different. Frank had his own problems he found out that his girl friend was having an affair with some one else. He was very depressed and had lack of confidence in him self. Most people find it difficult to cope with out a partner. Their self-asteam falls dramatically, they become stressed and they don’t feel good about them selves. Many people try to commit suicide when they don’t find any solutions for there problems. May people can pretend that they are strong and can cope with divorce and loss of family members. Rita was strong and she became what she wanted to be. Rita had a lot of stress when her husband was not supporting. When Rita divorced Denny she felt lonely and went away and found her self a flat and from there on she fought her way through her problems.
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