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Edgar Allan Poe was best known for his poetry and shot stories that were sometimes shocking, mysterious and macabre. His past and present having significant relevance in all his poems including the ones that are to be discussed.
Edgar Allan Poe's mother passed away when he was extremely young, and his biological father had effectively deserted him. He was then adopted by the John Allan family, where Poe became exceptionally attached to his adoptive mother, however, Poe and his adoptive father had a rather tempestuous relationship. In 1829 he had been isolated from both his guardians and was doing a stretch in the military. His foster mother passed away early that year – and without a doubt this hurt the twenty-year-old Poe an …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that edgar allan poe was best known for his poetry and shot stories that were sometimes shocking, mysterious and macabre. his mother passed away when he was young, and his biological father had effectively deserted him.
  • Analyzes how poe befriended lucy holmes, to whom he wrote poems within her autograph book. the poem alone was probably intended to be highly personal and expressive.
  • Analyzes how the poem alone is twenty-two lines and comprises of eleven rhyming couplets. meter in the sonnet is differed skillfully in order to boost the effect of every line.
  • Analyzes how the narrator sets an important theme of the poem, describing how he is different from other individuals. he sees the world differently, which in turn alters his emotional life.
  • Analyzes how poe's 'demon' manifested through the tragic deaths he faced in his life. his biological father leaving his birth mother and his adoptive father having an extramarital relationship.
  • Analyzes how poem 2a valentine uses literary techniques including similes and metaphors to describe the letters within the poem like portuguese traveler fernao mendes pinto who had earned a reputation as an exaggerator.
  • Analyzes how poem 3 uses figurative language, metaphors, personification, and symbols to create a sonnet against science.
  • Opines that edgar allan poe had a natural gift in the way he crafted his poems.

"Sonnet - To Science" is a writers mourn over the risks of scientific advancement and its negative ramifications for poetry and imagination. Living through the European Industrial Revolution and seeing the changes that came along with it influenced Poe to write this poem as an artistic rebellion to these changes. The writer then calls science a vulture, and this analogy builds up the association amongst science and nature, as science is not only an animal, but a scavenger, who “preyest…upon the poet’s heart”. "Poet's heart", in this line, is a symbol for imagination and creativity, which exists in a writer's heart, however it could likewise be an image for poetry itself, which Science metaphorically devours through the use of logic. Poe’s sonnet expresses his blatant disapproval and rejection of science and its dogmatism, regarding it as mundane and stagnating. For him, science is a predator or, similar to a vulture, a carcass eater, and it has injured his creative ability with "dull realities." He then goes on to compare humanities willingness to abandon their creative souls to the forced banishment of Hamadryad, Naiad nymphs and Diana in Greek and Roman mythology. Poe, however, does not wish to eliminate science but rather for it to leave him and his poetry alone, so he can “seek for treasure in the jewelled skies… / …with an undaunted …show more content…

He was known for his unique and often gothic writing with a recurring theme of death and lost love. Within his poem Sonnet – To Science he describes science as a hindrance to the imagination however, I believe there is much beauty in science and if he were able to experience this his outlook would be different. All his poems show aspects of his life, from his beliefs and values to his pains and tribulations. I personally believe that through the many trials that Poe had faced in his life had re-shaped his thinking, therefore allowed him to produce poems that are

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