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There are many types of ecosystems”Some are them are immense biomes and other can be minor ecosystems like a puddle or a tree trunk”, but wouldn't it be amazing too have a ecosystem the size of a pop bottle. Luckily this is not a hallucination Ecosystems like these are called ecocolumn which are basically a simulation of a medium ecosystem synce it contains a small aquarium on the bottom and a terrarium in the top. By doing these we are going to be able to see the relationships between the consumers, producers and decomposers, In these case the decomposer can be the earthworm the consumers can be the fish and the producers can be the plants these organism are characterized in these category because of their symbiotic relationship. In a Ecocolumn…show more content…
One of the most Important roles in the ecocolumn is the decomposers the decomposers are organisms like the earthworm which an organism usually invertebrates that decomposes organic material(1). These organisms are important since without them there would be lots of corpse lying around, fungi is another example of a decomposer.
Producers are one, if not the most important role in a ecosystem since they are in charge of producing biomass from inorganic compounds(1). Some unicellular organisms like bacteria can be producers but most producers are plants which feeds some organisms and start the life cycle. Most of the producers start the cycle by performing photosynthesis. Lastly, consumers are animals which lack of ability to generate their own food, therefore they rely on other organisms to live (1). Consumers in the majority are in the top of the food chain examples of them are lions, tigers, and sharks. This animals are predators, animals who hunt other animals for food. Predation in some cases can be considered parasitism since sometimes the death rate is higher than the birth rate. When resources are scarce competition is present in the ecosystem and competition between the same specie happens when resource are extremely limited

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