Eating Disorders Affects People, But It Is Not Limited

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Eating disorders affect many people, but it is not limited to women. Men. also can have this same issue. I think the reason this is an issue is because, many people are influenced by society and how men and women should look. When I think about this issue more from a man 's stand point in society, I feel that the hypothesis that I have is that society thinks all men should have six pack abs, and a very muscular body. In addition, I feel that men suffer from anorexia nervosa, and binge eating. I 'll tell you from experience, not all men are going to look like that. Maybe, when they are young, but as men age they start to put on more weight because, they aren 't as young as they used to be and life gets in the way. We will talk about the percentage of men who probably have eating disorders, anorexia nervosa and binge eating disorders in men as well as, the prevention of eating disorders in men. Furthermore, It is said that more than one million men suffer from eating disorders as well. Anorexia nervosa can be described as self starvation and pretty extreme weight loss ("Males: Eating...

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