Eating Disorders

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Eating disorders have been a growing problem in not only America but also in other Western countries. The three main eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder (BED). There are other eating disorders yet they have similar characteristics to the three disorders stated above. Many people believe the cause of these disorders is modeling and its extremely skinny and unhealthy models. However, there are other causes that play an important role. One’s genetics and environment plays a vital role in whether one is susceptible. Eating disorders, though not well known, have shocking statistics. Ten million Americans have eating disorders (Natenshon). Eighty-seven percent of these Americans are under the age of twenty (Natenshon). People notice that mostly young actresses are diagnosed with anorexia. Sadly, the problem is not just with teenagers. The average age eating disorders are diagnosed in America is now nine to twelve years old (Natenshon). No one suspects such young children to suffer with these gigantic disorders, yet it is starting younger and younger with each passing generation. The US Department of Health and Human Services reported that by the time girls reach the eighth grade, fifty percent of them had been on a diet, which has been proven to lead to a higher risk of obesity, and ten percent had done self-induced vomiting (Natenshon). Many people do not suspect that pre-teens, or even teens, can commit such atrocities to their own bodies yet these statistics show otherwise. Another misconception is that only women develop eating disorders. Although predominately female, during the past decade, the number of males with eating disorders has doubled (Natenshon). The number of people with... ... middle of paper ... ... To cure these eating disorders these issues must be addressed and fixed. If these issues are not addressed, people with these disorders will most likely die of complications of their disorders. Works Cited Myers, David. Psychology. 8th. New York, NY: Worth Publishers, 2007. 478-760. Print. Natenshon, Abigail. "Eating Disorders." EmpoweredParents (2006): n. pag. Web. 04 Apr 2011. . Poppink, Joanna. "Number One Reason for Developing an Eating Disorder." Healthy Place (2009): 1-3. Web. 21 Mar 2011. disorders/triumphant-journey/number-one-reason-for-developing-an-eating- disorder/menu-id-1392/>. Yosef, Yehudit Lynn. "Eating Disorders: Causes of Eating Disorders." Self Help Magazine 28 May 1998: n. pag. Web. 11 Apr 2011. .

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