Earthship Biotecture

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Rebecca Nerheim December 9, 2013 GEOG Research Paper Why Has Economic Development Been So Hard in the Global South? As a senior at the University of Arizona with a double major in Economics and Geography, economic development in the global south is something I would like to pursue as a career after graduation. It is therefore necessary to understand the problems associated with it and why different approaches have not been as successful as agencies have hoped. First, I will define economic development and its major players. Although there are many complicated factors that cause economic development issues, I will focus on and explain how ignorance of local circumstances, large debts, problems with trade, and a lack of consideration for certain people have made economic development difficult in the global south. What is Economic Development? According to the Cambridge dictionary, economic development is “the process in which an economy grows or changes and becomes more advanced, especially when both economic and social conditions are improved (“English”, n.d.). The International Economic Development Council lists objectives as a way to describe the term, such as wealth and job creation. It also says economic development includes policies and programs to help businesses, provide infrastructure, and to meet economic goals (“IEDC”, n.d.). The phrase seems to encompass all kinds of economic growth in a local, regional, or global setting. There are several key players in economic development in the Global South. The World Trade Organization, founded in 1995, has 144 countries. The goal of the WTO is to allow trade to “flow smoothly, freely, fairly, and predictably” (Peet, 2003). The WTO is directly related to economic development. It says that it takes advantage of the international division of labor to raise income and lower cost of living for all people, supports

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