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The duality of how light behaves depends in which state light is being observed and how it interacts with an object 's surface. It is neither just a wave or a particle, they coexist and react to objects electrons and protons within their atoms. Animals, plants and our sky are examples of how light reacts and are seen. Light is a photon , which are tiny particles of light, however photons have electrons and protons which behave like waves and particles based on their given charge, this is the wave-particle duality. There is no clear distinction. When light behaves like a wave it responds to a particles electron frequency. When discussing frequency we are referring to light 's wavelength which is based on light 's energy.When the frequency…show more content…
The Fraunhofer Lines are a color spectrum that helps identify the composition based on absorption and emission lines on the color spectrum. The black lines in the spectrum are referring to particular wavelengths(light) that were absorbed, for example when white light is shown through cold gas with a prism, the color spectrum then shows thin black lines that range across depending on a particular element that has “vanished” .Those are the absorption lines that captured those wavelengths. The same thing occurs when white light is emitted by hot gas and shown through the prism. This time instead of black lines we see a color spectrum or emission lines , both identify what elements make up its composition and which colors were not emitted from…show more content…
Think of these wavelengths as a drawn wave that continues across, whether they are both facing upward, downward or opposite to each other will determine how color (light) is amplified and thus reflect a particular color.This is where the duality of light changes, particles in our atmosphere( dust, water droplets from moisture, pollen etc) collide and bounce off the incoming photons from the sun (EMR). When We look across the sky and not directly up to the sun, the sky appears blue. This is because the light is reacting to the shortest wavelengths of blue and violet that were projected from the particles in the air of our atmosphere instead of backscattering. The blue Dasher is similar, its feathers are actually black but the way that light reacts it is backscattered and the shortest wavelength, in this case blue, is reflected. However think of the gold Beetle (Metriona bicolor), the waves of light that reach the beetles skin surface and enters different layers are heading in the same direction but one set is upwards and the other is downwards so they cancel out causing the beetle to look metallic with no color, this is known as deconstructive interference. However when the beetle feels threatened its forces a molecular change by allowing the different layers of waves to

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