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Drug Programs The United States has one of the biggest drug epidemics on our hands. More than almost any other country. Studies show that over half of all high school seniors will have tried at least one illicit drug before they graduate (Hanson). One problem with this is that growing children are not educated properly about these drugs. And without a proper education on these drugs, they become curious and want to try them. The earlier these children get hooked on drugs, the more likely it will lead to more illegal activity (Head). I think we need an innovation that improves drug awareness in children and teens. The current programs in place don’t focus on the main points of drug prevention. Improved drug education programs are innovations that keep a cleaner, more healthy and prosperous future for children with use of better coping, emotional, and decision making skills. With drug statistics so high, it’s no wonder why our government has stepped in with a war on drugs. In the 80’s crack cocaine use became outrageous in large cities (Head). And as minority’s style of life fell, government intervention was needed. So in 1982 the Reagan party declared a war on drugs (Head). And when Mrs. Reagan was asked what the best way a child can avoid drugs, she responded with “Just say no”. Now this option sounds great in theory, like when a stranger offers you drugs. It would be easy to say no. But when this person offering you drugs is a childhood friend or a family member, your answer may change. And with that, drug use will still continue. So because drug use through teens was still rapidly growing, the government needed something more than just ads on TV to get through to there teens. With this, t... ... middle of paper ... ...d Hanson, David J. "Effectiveness of D.A.R.E.." Alchohal Problems and Solutions. 6 May. 2010. . Head, Tom . "History on the War on Drugs." About.com. 5 Jan. 2010. 3 May. 2010. . Richards, David . "How to prevent alcohol and addiction." Ezine Articles. 29 Sep. 2007. 4 May. 2010. . Schreenen, Mark . "The Baldwin Reasearch project of 1999." Saint Jude Retreats . 2009. 30 Apr. 2010. . "Treatment." Office of National Drug Policy. 11 Nov. 2005. 5 May. 2010. . "home." www.rehabinfo.net. 2010. 3 May. 2010. .

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