Drug Portrayal Of The Media

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Drug portrayal in the media is increasing at an alarming rate, we can see drugs in a variety of different media outlets from original series on Netflix like “Orange is the new black” that is continuing to grow in popularity to movies and commercials for prescription drugs on television. Drug portrayal in the media is most influential to growing adolescents and can increase the use of illicit or licit substances that can be harmful and have potentially deadly affects to children at a young age. Often, the portrayal of drug use in the media today undermines our programs in schools that promote the awareness of the use of these substances and stresses to young children the idea to “just say no” to drugs and alcohols. Young adolescents are at more risk to engage in drug use, alcohol, or tobacco use at increasing rates due to the portrayal of these substance that they examine in the media. According to the research, the effects of all of this advertising are increasingly clear. A sample of 9- to 10- year-olds could identify the Budweiser frogs nearly as frequently as they could Bugs Bunny (Strasburger, V. C. 2010). It is clear that adolescents are engaging in riskier and unhealthy behaviors due to the use and portrayal of substance use in the media.
In the Netflix series “Orange is the new black” the use of illicit drugs such as heroine and prescription drugs such as OxyContin are often seen being used. Tobacco use is seen in large amounts throughout the entire series, in almost every single episode. The present day drug scene in America is often contradictory, we find drug related programs that implemented in schools across the country designed to educate young children on the risky behavior and consequences of drug...

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...influence the use of drugs and dangerous substances on the young developing minds of our children and ultimately influence their decisions. The American academy of pediatrics article outlines very important guidelines that many pediatricians are highly suggesting to parents to take the initiative and start to monitor their child’s use of media in order to help prevent drug use and unhealthy behaviors from occurring. In order to properly prevent our children from becoming involved in risky drug use and substance use we must limit their media use. Media may involve dangerous depictions of drug use that can influence adolescents but ultimately it is the parents decision what they allow their child to become exposed to and easily prevent the increase of substance abuse in their children by avoiding certain types of media outlets where drug use is apparent.

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