Drug Abuse Hallucinogens

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Hallucinogen is the oldest drug that has been used for the ability to alter human perception and mood. Drugs can be very harmful to the brain. There are many effects to being under the influence of drugs. Drugs are used for two main reasons. Those two main reasons are to fit in with the ‘’cool kids’’ or to change their mood. Most teens try drugs just to fit in or because of peer pressure, but some teens try drugs to get away from their problems. Teens don’t handle their emotions well so some turn to drugs to help deal with life problems. In this generation lots of students both in middle and high school use drugs to become one of the cool kids as well. By getting high and acting out you are considered cool because you’re bending the rules. Peer pressure has a huge impact on drug useage as well. Students are pressured into drugs or alcohol every year and if you refuse then you are going to be known as lame and nobody wants that reputation so they give in and try it. Sadly, up to 75% of drug users become badly addicted. When addicted it is extremely hard to quit. The only way to quit is to get major help from someone professional like a counselor, therapist , or to go into rehab. Even then the addiction is still a battle to fight, its a huge process to go through that no one would ever have to experience. The biggest reason why teens turn to drugs or alcohol is because of their daily life complications. As a teen we go through a lot even though it may not seem like it. We have to face perr pressure, to fit in, to be popular, to stand out, relationships, friendships, and also family issues. Being a teen is a struggle. We feel the need to be perfect even thoufgh we know perfect truely does not exist. Teens have so many... ... middle of paper ... ...ing these dangerous drugs into their body. Drugs in a healthy body is really bad. Depending on the type of person the effects can appear at the time of the drug usage or after. If one is abusing drugs he or she may have health problems as a young or even old adult. The effects can get as bad as having to pratically live in the hospital at such a young age. Hallucinogens need to be gotten rid of and away from teens. Anyone can help make this happen. Happily join a club that helps spread the word on drugs if not one please create one. Works cited ~ “What are hallucinogens?”drug info. Australian Drug Foundation,2011.web.6 Dec.2013. ~Brown,Nancy.”Hallucinogens.”Palo Alto Medical Foundation 2014.Sutter Health.Oct,2013. ~Samuels,Sarah.”Statistics Teen Drug Use,Abuse and Addiction.”Drug Trends.Inspirations Youth.com.Teen Addiction Rehab Facility.17,Oct,2012.

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