Dressing Appropriately

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Dressing Appropriately In high school, there were the preps, the skaters, and the burnouts, just to name a few. These groups were not only distinguished by the way they acted, but they were also differentiated by the way they dressed. By looking at a particular student in high school, one could probably infer the clique he/she belonged to. So if a person had on big, baggy pants with a oversized T-shirt that had a Etnies logo on it, one could conclude that person to be a skater and if a person had on khakis and a gap sweater, one could deduce that person to be a prep. What is a possible reason that high school students dress as they do? They might use clothing style as a sense of identity(clique) or maybe to stand out among others. I too, in high school, wanted to be included in a group and stand out. During my freshman and sophomore years, I became a skater. Also during this time in my life, my father introduced me to the game of golf. He bought me membership at an exclusive country club and the first day I went I was rejected obviously because of the way I dressed. Private golf courses require a strict rules of dress which is mandatory: khakis and a collared-shirt. Ironically and unknowingly I had gone to the course with an almost exact opposite of the requirements: 38" wide jean pants and an XXL t-shirt! Embarrassed by the situation, I began to realize that there are certain modes of dress appropriate for different occasions. Now, as a college student, I try to dress in a more stylish, refined manner because I want to stand out as a sophisticated student of a distinguished university. Reflecting on my past, I feel it is important to dress to meet the occasion. To clarify, I don’t want to make the mistake off going to a golf course with skateboarding clothes again .
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