Dramatic Change In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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Franz Kafka wrote the story The Metamorphosis and it was published in 1915. This novella is written about a character named Samsa who undergoes a dramatic change not only with himself but with his family as well. Samsa starts by being optimistic about his situation, and still wanted to provide for his family as he did in the past. Samsa begins to lose hope when he realizes that he may never be the person that he used to be. Once he sees this it makes him give up on himself and the fact that he will never be a part of his family as he used to. His family on the other had, their relationship with Samsa changes because even though at the beginning they are concerned with Samsa and his health, when they realize they he will never be the same person…show more content…
When Samsa wakes up in his bed and realized that he is a cockroach his first priority is to go to work to provide for his family. For years he had been the main source of income for the family. He took pride in the fact “he had made such a life possible for his parents, and sister”(516). When he saw that he would not be able to go into work that day the only thing that he could think about was being a burden to his family. He even used the tablecloth “and arranged it in such a way that he was completely covered”(521), so that his mother would not have to look at him or see him when she came into the room. However, when he realizes that he may never change back into the person that he once was his whole character changed. He at one point in the story is looking a picture taken of him when you was younger, he was leaning on the door “so that only half his body couldn’t be seen”(512). He is looking at the picture from when he was younger and in the army. In the picture he sees himself as “smiling confidently, the posture and the uniform demanding…show more content…
From the beginning his family panics when they are unable to find a reason that Samsa did not get out of bed for work in the morning. His mother was even begging at the door “Are not well? Can I bring you anything?”(507). Showing that she was really concerned with the health of her son and that she wanted to make sure that he was okay. However after they see the condition that he is really in they no longer want anything to do with him. Throughout the day “his parents would not be induced to come in and visit him”(521). Even though they were so worried about his when he was first locked in his room and they didn’t know why, now that they know they make no effort to make him feel any better about the spot that he is in. His sister started off by bringing him different foods on a newspaper to “get a sense of what he likes and dislikes”(517), and after time passed she began to “hurriedly shove food or other into Samsa’s room with her root”(528). His sister started off by being kind to her brother and making him as comfortable as possible to not caring at all about what he ate or how he got it. She made it seem like it was all a waste of her time. Eventually the family went to the extent that they no longer referred to Samsa by his name but begin to call him “It”. Even saying that they “must get rid of it… it’s the only thing for it”(533). When they no longer call him by his name this shows that they no
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