Drama in Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice is a romantic and funny play that has a lot of characters. In Shakespear times people found different things funny like insulting foreigners. There is always some form of drama in plays this makes the audience more excited and more into the play.One of the most dramatic plots in the play was when a wealthy heiress named Portia had to find a husband.

Portia was a wealthy woman that inherited all her fathers money and her father left three caskets if someone wanted to marry her they would have to pick a casket if they pick the wrong casket they are never allowed to marry again but if they pick the right casket all of Portia wealth goes to her husband. Several men came to woo her in Act 1 Sc 2 Portia spent time talking about these men. Portia and Nerissa make fun of the Neapolitan Prince because they liked to insult foreigners and saying he only talk about he's horse and that he's mother had sex with a blacksmith.

The county Palatine does not smile and he never laughs Portia ''rather marry deaths-head with a bone in he's mouth''. Portia does not like people that are boring and full of sadness. The French lord is the worst out of all of them he copy other peoples bad habits Portia says "if I should marry him, I should marry twenty husbands''.This means instead of marrying one men with lots of bad habits she would marry twenty husbands.

The Falconbridge was next Portia couldn't understand who he is and he can only speak one language and he cant even speak English properly and has no sense of fashion. The Scotch lord don't have enough money and she don't like him. Portia is very picky about who she chooses and she's happy stereotyping about the European and it builds up excitement and get the audience t...

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...t she forswore to her father.

Portia gives Bassanio a hint by singing a song and all the end letters rhyming with lead. The lead casket says that people that choose not by looks have a fair chance. You got the fortune, you don't need to look anywhere else. Bassanio uses his common scenes and says that lead looks the most threatening. Bassanio opens the lead casket and finds a counter feit of a Demi-god. All of Portia's wealth is going to Bassanio. As Bassanio reads the scroll the audience will be excited to know what's on the scroll.

On the scroll all the end letters rhyme. Portia uses exaggeration when she says for you i would be trebled twenty times myself. This shows that she wants him to be the worlds happiest man. Feather on she says that she wants him to teach her everything. She also gives him a ring as a promise that everything she got goes to him.
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