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Dracula, the 1931 film directed by Tod Browning is loosely based upon the novel of the same name. Therefore both share similar characteristics but are distinct. The differences between the novel and film occur due to the cinematic choices made as well as the fact that the film is based off of not only the novel dracula' class='brand-secondary'>Dracula but also the 1924 play Dracula. One major decision made by Browning was to alter the role of Johnathan Harker. In the novel Johnathan is the solicitor who meets with Dracula in Transylvania and narrowly escapes the “veritable prison” and is a changed man due to his experiences there (25). On the other hand, in the film Johnathan never visits Transylvania. Renfield is the one who does so instead. That provides Renfield with a…show more content…
In the novel Johnathan is the subject of the first four chapters and sets the foundation for later events. His words are taken seriously by the reader due to having no reason to belittle him. In contrast the film reduces Jonathan to an insignificant, childish character. Throughout the film Johnathan is seen wearing suits of a lighter color than the suits of the other characters. This choice in costume demonstrates the inferiority of Johnathan compared to the other men such as Van Helsing. Another such example is when Johnathan wears sporting clothes to the opera unlike the other characters who dress more formally and appropriately for the occasion. Also in the film Johnathan acts childishly when he makes empty threats. For example, when he becomes aware that Mina is in danger from Dracula, he commands Mina to promptly meet him in the library so they can leave for London; this occurs in spite of his being told that it is best that they stay with Van Helsing and Dr. Seward who can take care of Mina. Although Johnathan Harker is respected in the novel by the other characters, his diminished role in the film also diminishes the respect and importance given to him by

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