Braham Stoker's Dracula

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In the novel Dracula there are many qualities that are necessary for success. Firstly determination is a key factor to succeeding; secondly revenge is a factor in succeeding; furthermore fearlessness plays a big role when they go to kill Lucy; lastly intelligence is needed to make all the plans.

When Jonathan Harker get captured by Dracula he is afraid, but he is also determined to get free. "I can not say in this room much longer for I shall die," he said. A small crack of light appeared through the stones. "I pushed the stone with all my might but it only move, I found a carving utensil which I used to make the hole bigger" said Jonathon. "The hole got bigger and bigger then the stone just fell out." When Jonathan Harker and the rest of the people go to hunt Dracula they are determined to kill him because they do not want Dracula to kill anyone else. In order to kill Dracula they must plunge a stake through it's heart, cut off it's head, and stuff it's mouth with garlic. They use silver knives to kill him just as the sun sets. "Get him before he flees" said Jonathan, "he must not get away." Arthur proceeds with the stake cautiously. "I got him" yelled Arthur. Abraham shoves a clove of garlic in the Count's mouth. "get him before he tries to get away." Jonathan and Quincey, use silver knives to cut off his head. "We have finally done it we killed Dracula" said Quincey. Jonathon was determined to escape. Arthur, Abraham, Jonathan, and Quincey are determined to kill Dracula.

In order to get out of the Count's castle Jonathan thinks of three things survival, escaping and kill the Count for trapping him in the castle. "I can't die I have to get out, I have to end his rain of terror, he can`t get away with what he did to me" said Jonathan. This shows that Jonathan Harker wanted to kill Dracula through revenge, but he also killed him so Dracula would not kill anyone else.

When Van Helsing, Holmwood, Seward, and Quincey Morris go to kill Lucy they must be fearless of the un-dead.

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