Double Knaves as the Worst Villains in Society

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Double Knaves as the Worst Villains in Society Shakespeare believed the worst villain was the two faced person. Not the person who outright showed they were a villain. The underhanded villain the villain that hides in the shadows and doesn't show their true colors were the worst rogue of all. Shakespeare created characters that were realistic. To do this he received insight from the world around him. In Shakespeare's time he must have been inspired by many rouges of his time. In most of Shakespeare's plays you find the use of double knaves. In Shakespeare's Macbeth, Hamlet, and Othello you find great examples of the use of double knavery. In Shakespeare's "Macbeth" Ross a Scottish nobleman was the double knave. In Shakespeare's "Hamlet" the elderly Lord Chamberlain Polonius was the double knave and in Shakespeare's "Othello" the double knave was Iago Othello's ensign, the worst scoundrel of the three plays. Double Knaves are two-faced. They change sides to who ever they think they will benefit most from. Double Knaves are the complete opposite of chivalry-a medieval code which stressed truth, generousness, honor, and courtesy. Double Knaves are devious villains that will destroy anyone that gets in there path. In Shakespeare's "Macbeth" the double knave was Ross. Ross is a very manipulative person and try's to be in the good graces of all. His aspirations of power begin when Macbeth kills King Duncan and "Malcolm, and Donalbain, the King's two sons, Are stol'n away and fled; which puts upon them Suspicion of the deed." (Shakespeare 25) Ross now considers this a chance to attain power if he stays by Macbeth side. "'Gainst nature still Thriftless Ambition, that will ravin up Thine own life's means!--Then 'tis most like the sovereignty will fall upon Macbeth". (Shakespeare 30). When Macbeth finds out Macduff has fled to England he decides to kill his family. Ross has such a desire for power that he helps in the demise of Macduff family. In doing so he kills his own relatives also. Macduff's wife is Ross's cousin.

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