Donald J Trump Thesis

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Donald J. Trump

Is Donald Trump the best president this country has ever had? This businessman turned president is definitely known of by just about everyone for one reason, or another. But does anyone really know who he is? Maybe we don't! Being so focused on his political career, has anyone taken the time to investigate his education, or his exraordinary business career! Of course his actions as president still lie under reveiw, although not the sole focus of our studies. Now, without further adue... the education of Donald Trump.

Surely, you've heard of Donald Trump; but have you ever heard of the childhood of this world-famous celebrity? Born June 14, in the year 1946, Donald J. Trump, who was the 4th of 5 children, made his entrance into this world. At the age of 13 this …show more content…

In 1971, he inherited the family business and renamed the company to the "Trump Oranization". Tnstantly, he began to work on high-end projects, which sent his company sky rocketing. Being quite wealthy and ambitious, he soon started a ne company, "Trump Entertainment Resorts", this new company expertly racked in tons of extra money. Trump then constructed his most impressive job yet, "Trump Tower", his base of operations, where all his company plans are made. While at the peak of his wealth, Donald Trump wrote a book on how to conduct business, his instructional guid "The Art of the Deal" would be a best-seller for months. This was his peak. Once again, he decided to branch out, but this time wasn't near as profitable. Trump chose to enter the gambling industry, but due to lack of popularity and high quantities of debt, his collapsing casinos, brought him to near bankruptcy! But by selling his air line, his personal yacht, and afew other things, he pulleed out of it, and is now back to being one of the worlds leading businessman. That was Donald Trump's business career, next up... Trump as the

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