Dolphins: Dolphins And Commals That Encompass The World

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Dolphins are highly intelligent mammals that encompass the world. A part of the Odontoceti a parvorder of the infraorder Cetacea, they are related to orcas, beluga and pilot whales. A majority of dolphins live in salt water and are considered oceanic dolphins which tend to congregate in shallow waters of the continental shelf but, there are a handful of species that have been known to thrive in freshwater and can be spotted in rivers. Being carnivores, they can be spotted hunting for squid and various species of fish using their melon for echolocation. Since dolphins are mammals, they give birth to live young, usually one calf, and nurse with their mammary glands. Moments after the calf is born the mom must help guide it to the surface so the …show more content…

This new technique of therapy mainly focused on the dolphin’s ability to interact with children and adults with disabilities as well as encourage cognitive and behavioral changes in the various subjects. With this increasingly popular fad what is often forgotten about when the subject of dolphin assisted therapy is the dolphin itself. Dolphins are wild animals that live in the open ocean that are able to live freely but, unfortunately for dolphin assisted therapy those parameters are …show more content…

These silencing events start to occur after the dolphins slowly reduce the time spent using sonar. When in enclosed spaces their sonar signals bounce off the walls and back towards them, which can cause psychological effects similar to animals that have good eyesight being enclosed by mirrors. This possibly creates self-awareness in the dolphin which can lead to vulnerability in captivity (Reiss 2000). It has been stated that when a dolphin is more self-aware of its presence to its surroundings, they are more susceptible to determining the difference between pleasant and unpleasant situations (Reiss 2000). In addition to self-awareness dolphins in captivity have also shown signs of aggressive behavior. There have been injury reports to the NMFS of individuals that have participated in sessions with dolphins that have sustained broken bones, bites, bruising and even hospitalizations (Rose

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