Does the End Justify the Means?

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There are many things that must be consider when looking at whether or not the end of a given situation was justified by the means in which were used to get there. The biggest of which is what was the cost to achieve the desired outcome. Was it a loss of life, damage to property, financial cost, or un-repairable damage to relationships whether personal or political? Could any of these been avoided and still achieve the same outcome? This has been a topic of debate on many things in our nations history, from war, to political races, to everyday life.
In today’s world where there are so many conflicts, battles, and wars happen all at the same time it is very important to ensure that the means that are being used will be justified in the end. From the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan to civil conflicts taking place in Sudan and regions of the former Soviet Union conflicts are happening everywhere. Are these conflicts just or will the outcome not outweigh the losses that will inevitably happen. One such case that we can look at to see if the end did justify the means is by looking at both ...

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