Seeking Power Through War and Destruction

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Human nature will always corrupt the mind of modern man and send him down the destructive path of war. Due to this, the chronology of war is a constant stream of events that have dated back to the creation of civilization. The inevitability of it is based off something within the mind, that we call human nature. This phoneme pulls the attentions of man towards the path of greatest gain in the quickest amount of time. A part of this is due to mans greed to obtain as much power as possible. Power doesn’t hold one meaning however, it can be broken down into many aspects of appeal for man, creating even more of attraction. Whether the individual in control is seeking power through wealth, through control, or dominance their means of obtaining it includes war or destruction.

When you take a deep analysis of war one could create a strong argument that fear plays a huge role throughout history. Fear of death has corrupted the minds of some of the most influential leaders of all time, in a sense of leaving an unfulfilled legacy. People who obtain power are subjected to an obligation, wheth...
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