Do You Speak American?

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United States of America, small in history but large in diversity continues to face new challenges with language as time continues to turn. In the documentary “Do You Speak American?” Robert MacNeil analyzes the English language and reveals many dialects that culturally defines us. Regional dialect is one of the many strongholds of all cultures and now it has reached its’ zenith and today it is slowly declining because it does not possess the human nature of advancement. Optimistically, it allows people to learn how to cooperate with each other. In order to advance and adopt a person has to change; I believe that the acceptance of cultural adaptations, diversity, and industrialization can prove that the decline of speech does not cause a decline of culture.

The way we speak continues to be generated and reinterpreted as each day goes by; this decline is unstoppable. The decline of dialects is something we have to accept. Language conveys our intellect, emotions and allows us to use the spoken word as a medium to communicate on a common level. A shared form of communication allows people to relate and this is when we decide whether to take ideas in, reject it, or make it better to improve the way of life. The films method of bringing out multiple perspectives is effective in a way that hits all audiences. Through a map, MacNeil reveals that North Americans are growing apart linguistically and that the effects of this determines how we distinguish the cultural sensitivity and divide of others. Today survival and prosperity heavily depends on people working together to conquer common obstacles such as same-sex marriage and educational budget cuts. Dialect decline is becoming more and more apparent, as in the documentary the Maine ...

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...y to learn another culture, another language, to make themselves grow. We may lose our accents and regional dialects but allowing yourself to accept the dominant dialect may be the only way to share minds, cure society’s many problems, and embrace its advancements. The decline of the way of speaking can die out without sacrificing one’s culture and the ability to progress and realizing this guarantees success.

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