Womens Movement: Women's Movement

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Ivan "Lulu" Alsilawi
History 18
May 1, 2014

Women's Movement

Women had an extremely difficult time during the 1800s, but after many centuries of hardships and misunderstandings a defining point was boiling down in the next 100 years. An evolution was starting, women were ready for change but only time will let it unfold. Women continued struggling and falling behind men in between the cracks, they have been taught to cook clean and be only homemakers, their lack of education narrowed their vision, they weren't able to see anything else in their peripheral sights. A women's life was set and planned from the day she was born, until her teenage years to seek out marriage, have kids, and teach her daughters to do the very exact same.
They thought this was the way of life they learned it through their parents and social pressures of what a women should or might be. They only aspired to be homemakers, mothers, grandmothers, and aunts, never being labeled as anything else. Their futures during this times wasn't seen as very bright, they were not allowed to enter any professions, or let alone gain a decent education for themselves. Society knew one thing and pushed for it well, a women's entire being solely dependent on a man alone. This all gradually changed, very small steps of women leading the way such as, Josephine Shaw, Jane Addams, and Susan B. Anthony and many other woman thriving for change have inspired a difference.
Jane Adams born on September 6, 1860 in Cedarville, Illinois, she was raised in a very wealthy family. She didn't have to work very hard for the things she wanted, they were almost always given to her by her father. John Addams was her father, he was a successful political figure and a businessman. He was...

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...al voting power of women. More women, both in the workplace and in general life, which can be attribute to the hard work of the pioneers in the women’s movement.
Men basically controlled the ability of women's rights, such as voting, wages, and labor laws, also the way they behave, but the drastic changes women implemented for themselves and the rights they gained is even more amazing. Treating women the same as men is what is right. The power hasn't been equally distributed yet, but it's better for one sex to have all the power instead of evenly spreading it around. The future women who are able to become doctors, lawyers, and astronauts can now stand back and look behind them admiring the bravery of the women who fought for what was rightfully theirs in the first place, and for the bravery of the men to do the right thing by advocating women to have equal rights.
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