Disparities In Health Care Essay

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When I think of the United States and how we are doing as a country, I tend to think that we’re pretty good with all that we do. With all the military protection and technological advancements, the United States seems to be in optimal shape. But when it comes to the wellness of the people and healthcare, I always thought that we were lacking in that department. I decided to use China as the competitor to compare the health statuses and disparities that both these industrialized and well-developed countries differentiate in. In this essay, I will be comparing the life expectancy age, mortality rate under 5 years old, the economy with government aid, along with the obesity percentage of the population and with those that participate in physical activity.
To start with, the US has a life expectancy rate of 77 years old for males and 82 years old for women. Whereas, for China it is 75 and 78 years old, respectively. With this discrepancy, this emphasizes the health care access that both these countries withhold. According to …show more content…

We are all missing or lacking in one construct that others may be progressing at. But the great thing about these differences is that it allows us to learn from others and see what works for them and implement them to work for us. It is a learning process that can cohesively help the well-being the people overall. This brought to light that each country has their own customs that may lead to a deficit of health, but it is done for a purpose. Hence, the One Child Policy in China. It was implemented to reduce the population size to provide more health care for the people. For the US, we have more of an abundance of health care access but even though we have an ample amount of help given, it doesn’t affect the obesity rate of the US. This proves that although we find a solution for one problem, we still have another obstacle to get

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