Disney Channel Case Study

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Disney Channels Worldwide are 24 hour kids and family entertainment channels that owned by Disney Channels Television Group, which is part of the Walt Disney Company, based on the United States but Disney Channels Worldwide broadcast in 163 countries, as well as broadcast in 34 languages (“Fact Sheet-Disney Channels Worldwide,” n.d.). Disney Channels Worldwide were able to reach diverse geographical locations through the partnership with to third party broadcasters in different parts of the world (“Fact Sheet-Disney Channels Worldwide,” n.d.). Also, Disney Channels Worldwide have several channels such as Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Disney Cinemagic, Hungama, Dlife, Disney Cinema and Radio Disney Network. Therefore,
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Jimirro idea is to create cable television channel that broadcast Disney Studio films, but Walt Disney Company rejected Jimirro’s idea because the company was busy developing Epcot theme park (“The Disney Channel,” n.d.). However, few years later Walt Disney Company reviewed Jimirro proposal and it start a partnership Group W satellite in 1982, and it broadcast the premium channel in 1983 (“The Disney Channel,” n.d.). Disney Channel started as a pay service and its first program was Good Morning, Mickey, which is series of animated cartoon, launched in April, 1983 (“The Disney Channel,” n.d.). Disney Channel became rapidly popular among American audiences, indeed there were more than half million Americans subscribed to Disney Channel by September of 1983, the number of audience increased to five million by 1990 (“A Salute to Disney Channel,” n.d.). In addition, Walt Disney expanded Disney Channel broadcasting from 16 hours per day in 1983 to 24 hours per day in December 1986, due to Disney Channel popularity (“A Salute to Disney Channel,”…show more content…
Liv and Maddie is sitcom series released in 2013 that tells the story of Liv, who was a Hollywood actress for 4 years, that was offered to take more roles in different Hollywood series, but Liv choose to have fun with her family instead of taking more Hollywood roles (“Liv and Maddie,” n.d.). Girl Meets World is a family sitcom series released in 2014, the series about a teenage girl and her best friends that transferred from childhood to teenagerhood, in which they start to struggle in dealing with daily life and school as they grow older (“Girl Meets World,” n.d.). Best Friends Whenever is a teenage series that two teenage girls had the opportunity to travel to the future through their neighbour science lab but the two friends must first figure out how operate the lab tool properly to travel to the future (“Best Friends Whenever,”

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