Discrimination In The Criminal Justice System

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In American life race will continue to be an important role in the criminal justice system. For several years the criminal system has failed to maintain its “justice” and will conclude with an answer depending on the victim’s profile. Many cases are taken to court, but surprisingly aren’t winning. Lots of them don’t achieve justice for the reason that everything concludes to the same category which is depending on the victim’s profile. Statistics have shown that the number of African Americans in prison is higher than Whites meaning that eventually race can determine on who goes to jail. Most cases aren’t resolved with an actual justification which leads to incarcerate the wrong victim who then has his life ruined because an unfair move that the judge decided to make without having the accurate information or depending on his thoughts of the victim. The media have provided…show more content…
Granted rights are given to everyone but not being treated equal as everyone else in the criminal justice system shows the failure of future equality and nothing will be able to end these types of inequalities. The attraction that has made its way out causing a huge scandal are cases of African Americans, which are treated racist, and aren’t treated equal according to the law establishing to society that the system is having enormous problems with treating everyone equal. Every once in a while there is a new case of an African American taken to court without an actual justification for what the victim was doing, because whatever they were doing, they seemed like a threat to society and only for that reason the victim is put in jail and cannot have a better future because the victim 's record is not clean anymore. This has to stop because we live in a country where we are all granted liberty and justice for all and it would make no sense to say we live in the land of the
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