Disadvantages Of Media

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For decades, the television has been developed incredibly and it became a part of people’s life. As primary purpose of the media, television has given huge amount of information to the public. People watch the world news every evening in a couch, and get knowledge by watching history or science documentary programs. They are also entertained by the soap operas, films, and reality shows. Because the television is an easy way to get some cultural texts, many people enjoy it for not only an entertainment but also as a learning tool. However, there are a lot of controversies that television is not a sufficient medium as a learning tool compared to the book. Although people can get knowledge through it, the depth of data is always shallow. Moreover,…show more content…
To attract as many viewers as they can, the producers use sensational materials. Especially in the news, they serve the news more sensational pictures and stories. “To extent television news focuses on the most serious (and sensational) crime stories, viewers’ concerns about crime should also be transmitted through their social networks.” said Romer, Jamieson, and Aday, “Indeed, the television-exposure hypothesis predicts that crime coverage on local television news can influence entire media regions irrespective of local crime rates and direct exposure to television news.” (Romer, Jamieson, and Aday, 2003: 90) Because children are more vulnerable from sensational stimulation, it is much dangerous for them. Moreover, it also can damage children’s speech. According to the BBC NEWS (2003), Dr. Sage argued that because television is mostly audio and visual material and children have difficulties in verbal communication. She added that children can develop their speaking skills while they think and practice in the middle of the families’ conversation, but in these days, they mostly spend their time in front of the TV, they don’t have enough time to promote their verbal…show more content…
As many producer use sensational materials, it affects children in a negative way like they could imitate violence or sexual abuse. And tele is completely unbeneficial to children’s speech practicing. On the other hand, book has much positive effectiveness on education for children. Because they could get much accurate information and they could improve vocabulary ability while they are reading. Hence, in my opinion, children should spend more time to read book rather than watching television. Reading is much adjuvant means for youngster’s schooling. If they build great store of knowledge, those would show great intangible asset in some

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