Television Influence Essay

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Television is an invention that has revolutionized the way people think, comprehend and receive information. Although television in today’s world is not the leading media source, however it still remains to be a prime example of media influenced outlet of information. Television over the course of the past few decades has intertwined its way into society’s day to day operation and will remain to influence people’s decisions. The invention of the television has impacted the whole world, with the information from programs that are aired. I personally know firsthand of the influence television has infested upon people, and as a result has impacted life decisions. Television programs are spread throughout a variety of different genres and themes,…show more content…
In the video “Video Killed the Radio Star”, it described that television has separated families form tight knitted circle groups to spread out individuals. Families use to eat at a table and talk about their day, but now they sit in front of the TV and do not communicate and only become stranger to one another. The presence of TV has limited family life by restricting interaction between family members, because nowadays a dad would rather watch TV than play catch with his son. Television is not the only form of media that influences family life, because now the internet is also a large contributor. The internet complicates our lives with countless emails and distractions form social media that it takes away from family focus. I know I am guilty of this because I would rather snapchat friends on my phone than talk to my dad, this is an example of the internet being a wedge in dividing family’s. Now Internet is how we connect with people instead of face to face interaction. An example of internets influence is when my parents are asking about my day and I am busy browsing social media networks instead of talking to them, examples such as this just shows the poor path society is heading via…show more content…
While watching the video “Video Killed the Radio Star”, I utilized a variety of these skills but two particularly stood alone. The video encoded a message that can only be decoded by close observation, the music paired with the slideshow of events that have occurred over the past century, demands an ability of high understanding to comprehend. The message this video offers is that times have changed as technology progresses, new strides and events will continue to make history. Some of the scenes portrayed in the video require an ability to critically think about the media message and what it was say. When the video introduces a family at the beginning of the video it is paired with a song that explains the changing in history due to the invention of video. Understanding the content and being able to think critically about what the video is saying allows me to dissect the meaning of what the video is trying to get across to the viewer. By learning different skills and developing on these skills we as people can better understand the meaning of what is portrayed through
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