Disadvantages Of Automation

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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines automation as an automatically controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human labor. The purpose of creating such advancements was to assist the human race and make life less complicated. Since these machines have been proven to fulfil their purpose, they are becoming more permanent in America and continuously rising in numbers within the place of employment. The benefits of having automation within the workplace is that productivity can go continue on the clock nonstop without any breaks, it eliminates the problem of workers calling in sick or workers coming in to work late, no more workers comp. It may also cause an increase the quality of the product and more capital, as well as prevented fewer errors. Human participation soon will be needed less. Though, these may be good …show more content…

Its creators will promise to install security fire wall, yet, there are new and intelligent hackers every day. These hackers could infiltrate these machines and use them for criminal acts. Despite how much security is added to each system, there is always a possibly of a small crack that allows intruders to enter. Furthermore, no one know how many hackers could come together and destroy everything with the stroke of a key. Automation has many intriguing advantages, but disadvantages overshadow them when too much machinery is put into place. America should limit their use with these machines to secure workers. It will be more stressful than helpful and relaxing. It set a curve people are not able to achieve by erasing low skilled jobs and increasing high skill jobs. For example, many do not have to time to retrain or go back to college, they have families that need to be taken care of now. Automation should be use for tasks human cannot perform instead of replacing them in jobs they already

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