Directors In A Company Case Study

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The Role of the Directors in a Company is of a paramount importance in the discourse of the proper running of the company. Directors are the spirit of the company .The company is merely a legal entity, governed by its directors. These directors have certain duties and responsibilities. These are mainly governed by the Corporation Act, 2001. Section 198A (1) of The Corporations Act, 2001(The Corporations Act 2001 s 198A (1)), clearly states that, ‘The business of a company is to be managed by or under the direction of the directors’. In the present case, the company (LP) has six individuals on the board of directors (Andy, Brian, Chris, David, Evan and Faith). All these directors, particularly Andy, felt that it would be prudent to restructure…show more content…
Board of Directors) is expected to do an extensive research before taking such an important decision, which Andy clearly did not. Hence, Andy does have a liability under section 180(1) of the Corporations Act, since he did not take did not act with due care or diligence, which he was supposed to, being on the board of directors of the company. Further, (In Re Brazilian Rubber Plantations and Estates Ltd (1911) 1 Ch 425 at 437) Justice Neville said of a director of a company that- ‘He is not, I think, bound to take any definite part in the conduct of the company’s business, but so far as he does undertake it he must use reasonable care in its dispatch. Such reasonable care must, I think, be measured by the care an ordinary man might be expected to take in the same circumstances on his own behalf.’ In the case of (Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Healey (2011) FCA 717), it was held that, Each and every director has a cardinal role in the management of the company and is positioned at the top of the structure of the organisation. It is also a set law that the higher the position held by a person in an organisation the greater would be the responsibility on
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