Difficulties of the Upcoming Electronic Health Record System

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In recent years, a tremendous growth in the internet raises concerns to perform all the tasks electronically which saves our time and effort. Nowadays, most of the business organizations are doing their businesses electronically and the software industries are trying to update and convert their software which able to work in online. People can buy airline tickets and check in to flights through online, buying goods on the web, and even get degrees from online. However, in spite of these advanced developments in our country, the majority of the patients are given handwritten medical prescriptions, and only a small number of patients are capable to email their medical doctor or to get an appointment to visit a physician without talking to a receptionist. In the healthcare industry, almost many developed countries already started to treat their patients through internet and they are maintaining the patient’s health records electronically.
To understand the difficulties of the upcoming electronic health record system, it is useful to identify what the health information system has been, is now, and needs to become. The medical record whether it is paper based or electronic based, it is considered to be a communication device which helps to support medical decision making, synchronization of various services, assessing the quality, effective caring, conducting researches, applying legal protections, giving proper training, education, official recognition and regular processes. This is considered as the business document of the health care system; all the details are recorded in the usual course of its activities. The information available in the documentation should be legitimated and if it is handwritten, we have to en...

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..., improving the patient care and decreasing the medical faults. There are lots of research issues in electronic health records which require an optimal solution. In developed countries, already they have started to treat their parents through online and maintaining their medical records electronically. In India, popular medical centres, health organizations and hospitals gradually converting their patient’s paper based information into electronic records. In future, this will become universal for all hospitals, and health care centres. At that time, both healthcare providers as well as patients may face difficulties and also the possibilities of several new problems. It is the responsibility of the researchers, to predict the future problems by using electronic health records and concentrate on developing the new techniques and algorithms for solving those problems.
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