Differentiate between database management system and information retrieval system by focusing on their functionalities.

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Data is a collection where the information has been stored in the system. It’s also is a raw material that generate by the information. Data can be forms in variety of types such as audio, images, listing, mind mapping, hierarchy, text documentation and any types that form data. It can be value either in a qualitative or quantitative depends through its information requirement. Computers will organise the data that consists of raw numbers to produce an information. Computers represents data through numbers either the data come in form of images, numbers, text, and also sound all this are will be seen by a computes as a number. One of the characteristics of a data is globally used. Due to data are easily to use through world wide range. This is because, data is a simplest form that easily be understood by people once they know how to read the data and what are the data is about. For example, in a lecture process most lecturer will use point form to present their topic and the details of the point will be elaborate on that time due to their way. This way are easy to be accept because human mind are attracted by the simplest and compact form. Data is something that created to simplify the information to the simplest form that can be understand by the people by seeing the data. For example a table. A table that consist of name, address, telephone number and gender. All the details inside the table are called as data. Which means the data would be understand by seeing through the table. Secondly is all data consists of object attributes which means, each data have their own personalization. It depends on their characteristics to make sure that users can understand the information that want to be deliver according to the data prese... ... middle of paper ... ...e problem. This can be done by find any information that consider might help the lecturer to give an idea toward the good delivery process. This information that can help the lecturer is valuable because it is a way to solve the problem. But the result still remain unchanged, technical way has to be taken. Information also known as a knowledge communication in a particular fact or information that concern in a crime. Other than that, knowledge can be gain through studying, researching and communication that can be as information if we able to clarify and differentiate the information based from all those thing through their perception. Make appropriate use of diagrams to illustrate the underlying concepts/components of database management system and information retrieval system Works Cited http://cs.ulb.ac.be/public/_media/teaching/infoh303/dbmsnotes.pdf
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