Different Views of War in Poets

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Different Views of War in Poets

I will explain the different view of war I have, from the poems

written by 4 different poets.

The poems I will be writing about are "INTO BATTLE, WHO'S FOR THE


All these poems are based on the 1st World War.

"Into Battle by Julian Grenfell. This poem was written at the start of

the war, hence the title Into Battle.

It starts off with the out look of nature.

The naked earth is warm with spring,

And with green grass and bursting trees

Leans to the sun's gaze glorying

And quivers in the sunny breeze

These quotes show that nature is positive and is blossoming.

The quoting of these lines,

And life is colour and warmth and light

And striving evermore for these.

The author very powerfully uses these lines.

It is stating that the soldiers are taking the light for their life,

their grabbing it, they are going to take each day as it comes hoping

to be alive.

The poems strengths are the description of nature.

Julian Grenfell emphasises on this by describing nature in depth.

Speed with the light-foot winds to run,

And with the trees to newer birth,

The woodland trees that stand together,

They stand to him each one a friend,

They gently speak in the windly weather,

They guide to valley and ridge's sight.

The author explains them, like they are humans on earth.

The poem is based as a springboard of confidence for the soldiers.

That springboard is the coming of spring. It seems that spring is

giving the soldiers hope.

The soldiers enter the war under God's guidance.

They belie...

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...horror of war but is caught up

in the struggle between nature and humanity.

It is in this last stanza that the speaker realises that nothing will

save his comrade from death and questions

'Was it for this the clay grew tall?'

Concluding my coursework I think war changed England.

This is because as these poems were written, they were the views most

people had to war.

These views were their own views but I am sure the most of the country

shared the same different views as the authors I have written about.

People took an outlook to war as being a bad thing that would turn out

good if there was a strong participation in it and if victory was


I think These poets , Wilfred Owen, Julian Grenfell, Rupert Brooke and

Jessie pope share the views of the people of England during the 1st

world war.
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