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There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that over the last couple of decades movies have become more and more intricate and immersive. These effects can be directly linked to the advances in technology, which have allowed filmmakers to create very elaborate special effects and camera movements. As an aspiring filmmaker myself, it seems that the filmmaking and film going communities have grown exponentially over the last couple of years leaving behind other forms of entertainment such as books. With that being said it is sometimes a bit of a shocker to find out that some of my favorite movies were actually based on books that I had never even heard of before. Even though I am not a huge fan of reading myself, I do agree that reading the book will …show more content…

Some characters were changed, others were reversed while others were completely taken out from the movie. I will begin by discussing the role of Alan Grant. In the book he is described as an outdoors bearded man of forty while in the movie he is portrayed as a brainy scientist (CineFix). Now a few examples were roles were reversed. First, I will talk about the characters of Tim and Lex. In the book Tim is older and is good with computers while Lex is younger and more into sports. In the movie Lex is older and good with computers while Time is younger and has a deep fascination for dinosaurs (CineFix). Another example of reversed roles in Jurassic park is the characters of Ian Malcolm and Donald Gennaro. In this example the roles were not completely reversed but some of the characteristics were. In the book Ian Malcolm is a serious scientist and kind of coward while Donald Gennaro is a lawyer but portrayed as a muscular hero. In the movie Donald Gennaro is the coward that runs away while the tyrannosaurus rex attacked the kids and Ian Malcolm was the one that saved them. In the book that event occurred with Ian Malcolm running away and Donald Gennaro saving the …show more content…

Why do people not mind information being lost? The answer is very simple. In today’s society most people have such busy lifestyles that finding time to read a book is very difficult among the average person (“Britain’s dilemma”). Between school, work, and spending time with family, the last thing on people’s mind is to spend hours out of their already busy day to read a book. Especially in todays society which has been accustomed to quick and easy access to information. In the end, it is very convenient to just go out and watch a movie, not only does it allow people to experience great stories, it is also something that can be done with family or friends which makes it seem less of a hassle for some people. As stated before, it is understandable that it is more convenient to experience a story that has been adapted to a medium that allows more free time such as movies. Even if the movie does not follow the book word-by-word, most of the time it is great to enjoy a movie without worrying too much about the adaptation. However, experiencing life through the limited perspective of movies is a terrible way to

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the four main stages of a script's development, production, shooting, and post-production.
  • Explains the life of a script and how it eventually ends up on the big screen. they will compare the movie and the book they are based on.
  • Compares the roles of alan grant, tim, and lex in the book and the movie. ian malcolm and donald gennaro's roles were reversed.
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