Differences Between Han Gristian Andersen And The Little Mermaid

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A fundamental element of any childhood is watching a classic Disney movie on the couch and singing along to the catchy musical numbers while simultaneously falling in love with the characters. What many people do not know, is that most Disney movies are adaptations of classic fairytales. One of Disney’s most famous movies, The Little Mermaid, is an adaption of a fairytale written by dutch writer Hans Christian Andersen in 1876, Den lille havfrue. While the two texts share a title, they differ in multiple key elements throughout the story.

Originally, the purpose of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales were to articulate his life experiences unlike like modern Disney adaptations that focus on the entertainment value. Andersen used his fairy
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One of the prevalent ideas in Andersen’s fairy tale was the importance of family. In the beginning of the text he goes into detail about Ariel’s early life and the bond she has with her sisters and grandmother, who all helped raise her. Ariel’s family also were to ones to save her soul, as it was the sacrifice that her sisters made which saved her from withering away to seafoam. The saving of her soul is another significant idea that is present in the text. Not only does Ariel want to find love with the price, she also wants to have an eternal soul, similar to that of humans when the ascend to heaven. This is also an example of religious exploration in Andersen’s writing. When watching the Disney adaption, love is one key idea that is present of the majority of the film. Ariel’s main motivation to become human is so she can marry the prince, who she has fallen in love with from afar. While this is present in Andersen’s version, it is not as predominant. there is a brief cameo of the sister in the beginning of the film, however there is no mention of the grandmother. Overall, family is not an important idea in the film. There is also no reference to eternal souls, or any afterlife, which also showcases the lack of religious element in the film. There are other details that are censored in…show more content…
The original tale of The Little Mermaid was written in 1837, which was not yet the age in innovation. That year, the telegraph machine was invented, which was revolutionary for the military forces. However, there was no more development of useful technology that the public could access. In terms of entertainment, stories were mostly verbal and passed down through generations. It was actually revolutionary for people such as Hans Christian Andersen to begin writing these stories down and publishing collections of them in a book form. This way, the fairy tales could be distributed across the country, for all of the dutch people to enjoy. Andersen eventually published three books containing various fairy tales, each of them becoming an essential house item in Denmark. When the Disney adaption was made, the company was at the forefront of animation and filmmaking. Disney was the the first company to make a successful colored animation, the first pair that animation with sound, and were always innovating the animation field. In terms of The Little Mermaid, Disney once again innovated the current animation techniques, and created the first animation that was set underwater. The form that disney chose to use spoke to both the audience and the technology of the time. Televisions were becoming more popular, existing in almost every american household. Similarly to

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